22 December 2008



Two photos I took on yesterday's winter solstice:

Burrard Station
Burrard SkyTrain station, 10 p.m.

Solstice sledding - 04
Sledding at Forglen Park, Burnaby, 2 p.m.

CBC's Weather Centre says "it's guaranteed that all the country will see a white Christmas. We have snow on the ground everywhere and it's going to stay into Christmas Day." That's less common right across Canada than you might think.

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truly beautiful! stay warm and cozy!
Wow! Gorgeous...
The Burrard SkyTrain station photo is beautiful. I remember seeing the sky like that when I lived back east. Just simply beautiful.
The sky colour is from all the low-pressure sodium vapour lamps in the city. It's not a natural sky colour, and represents nasty light pollution, but it is pretty in this context.
Two outstanding photographs!
Your pictures (the 2 in this entry) and others have inspired me to take up photography! I just invested in a Canon Rebel. I absolutely love it! Recommend it to anyone who is transitioning from a point & shoot to an DSLR.
It's hard to go wrong with any of the intro-level DSLRs today: the Canon XS or XSi, the Nikon D40 or D60, the Pentax K2000D or K200D, the Sony A200 or A300, the Olympus E-420 or E-520, etc. All can help you take excellent pictures for not too much money. It may be the best time to buy an SLR ever, as long as you don't want to use film. :)