03 April 2009


Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic bowling at Flickr.comOur older daughter is at a birthday party this evening, so we decided to take her younger sister down to Rev's for Cosmic Bowling.

Little L, my wife Air, and I are all... let's say novice bowlers. In fact, I realized once I got there that I've never in my life played ten-pin bowling, only five-pin with the much smaller balls. We asked to have the gutter bumpers pulled up to get at least a decent chance at a tolerable score.

We had tons of fun, though, as well as dinner at our table at the lane. (They serve booze too!) I think we'll go back.

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Looks like fun. As I read your post, I thought "Our family should try that, too!" Then I remembered my wrist problems and Paul's arm problems. Maybe next year.
Even the lightest ten-pin balls can do a number on your arm. I'd recommend trying the five-pin, which is also fun.
Call me next time you plan and I'll try make it over.
Perhaps we should stick with the Wii version for now (tried it with my brother in Vancouver) - much gentler on our old, aching tendons! We missed out on the cosmic atmosphere, though!
Our experience with bowling tonight indicates that Wii Bowling prepares you for the real thing about as much as Mario Kart prepares you for driving a Corolla.
I love 10 pin bowling, despite the fact that I am so incredibly bad at it!