21 April 2009


Derek the fanboy

My daughter M and I just calculated that over my computer-using lifetime, I've owned 35 out of the 114 or so models of computers, iPods, and input devices that Apple has released since 1976 that appear in this collage image (via TidBITS). It doesn't list printers and some other accessories, and there are a few missing (I don't see the Apple ][ Plus, Power Mac 7100, or Power Mac G3 desktop, for instance) so I've actually had a few more in my house since 1982.

I guess I fall into the fanboy camp, right? Especially because I could pick out the missing items off the top of my head.

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I'd say you qualified for fan boy status back when you even contemplated doing the math.
My daughter was the one who suggested it. She also kept the running total as I went through the list, saying, "yep, had that one."

Worse, I still have a lot of them, even after having purged things out about four years ago.