21 July 2009


My daughters made a Star Trek movie

Speaking of space stuff, you might enjoy this video my kids made (with a little of my editing help) this week:

Drama! Excitement! Evil croissants!

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Enjoy it! I laughed and laughed and sat with a smile on my face for an hour afterwards!! Your kids are brilliant, creative and entertaining. You must be very proud of them. They have certainly inherited the creative genes from their parents, but obviously have put a lot of hard work and thought into this, too. tell them thanks for giving me a real tonic today!
What's amazing is that I had to do very little real editing: the movie is pretty much all the shots they created, in the order they made them on the camera. I really only cobbled them together and added sound effects.
I absolutely adored it. They are extremely good at this! I also praise your editing skills. It flows seamlessly (obviously, due to their creativity but also the fact that they gave you good material to work with).