22 October 2009


Spin my ribcage

Derived from the same CT scan of my body taken a few weeks ago is this 3D movie, also made with the open-source OsiriX software:

You can clearly see my portacath, which showed up just as well as my ribs. Freaky.

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It's creepy/awesome seeing into your own body, isn't it? I geeked out when I got my own XRays and CT results on a disc a few months ago:

I'm glad this stuff is all in an open file format, so it's easy to play with. The software is pretty complicated, as open-source stuff often is, of course.
That is the coolest fucking thing I have seen in a very long time, and I am seriously jealous that I didn't get a copy of my last CT scan. Damn them. I want to see my brain in all it's 3D glory!
You should be able to go back and get a copy -- but if you're in the States, I'm not sure how much they'll charge you for the disk.
I feel we are so much closer now, Derek, I've seen the inner you!