10 February 2010


Four eyes

Every few years, I get new glasses, not because my prescription has changed (it's been pretty stable for about a decade), but because my old spectacles simply get old and worn out. This year, I took advantage of a two-for-one sale and got one set of new plastic frames (centre below) and one set of metal ones (right):

Glasses old and new

They're not a big change from my old set (left), but I like the new looks, though I'm not sure which of the two I prefer. Back in 2008 when I bought my last set, I wasn't sure I'd survive long enough to need new ones, but here I am. Yay.

Which pair do you prefer?

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I like #3, the metal ones.
Over on Twitter and Facebook, there are a couple of votes for the middle black ones, but there most people prefer the metal too.
I like the middle ones - of course they remind me a lot of my own glasses, which I love.
I like the middle ones!
#3 is good.
the heavier dark ones in the middle seem to match the intensity of your expression, and set off the weight of your eyebrows too. I pick them as my fav.
I like the middle ones,

The pair on the right.
I agree with Emily for the same reasons. Middle is best.