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Thursday, December 26, 2002
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Happy feet

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A year ago I bought my first pair of Blundstone boots, made in Tasmania. Except in summer, when I often used sandals, I've worn the Blunnys pretty much every single day. My Doc Martens, comfy as they were, will last years longer, because they're just sitting in my closet.

My wife's (ahem, I mean Santa's) generosity means I now have a second pair, chunky-soled brown "Canuck" model 409s, to go with my original black model 510s.

The first person I knew to own Blundstones was my friend Alistair, who got his in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia when we were on tour there in a band together. That pair was already nearly destroyed from the original owner's relentless wear, yet Alistair had them for a few years afterward. Now he has two more pairs, and is buying a third.

If you don't mind their basic, somewhat utilitiarian look and the moderately steep price ($150 Canadian per pair or so), go get yourself some Blundstones right now. They are the most comfortable, practical, and well-made shoes my wide and ugly feet have ever lived in -- for me, they feel better than slippers, yet slosh effortlessly through rain and muck too.

If you prefer to pay a bit less, wait for them to go on sale at A Step Head Footwear in Metrotown Centre in Burnaby (or try the Nanaimo location on Vancouver Island).


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