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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
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Puzzlements from the iPod hi-fi

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DSC_4438I'm puzzled about a couple of things about the new iPod hi-fi sound system from Apple:

  • Why no USB/FireWire cable connection so you can sync your iPod while it's in the hi-fi, with your computer nearby?
  • Why no way for the iPod to fold down or otherwise be stored while you move the unit?
Xmas Gift 2

Other products, from the Logitech mm50 (less than half the price) to the Altec Lansing im7 (a bit cheaper) include some of those features—or in the case of the Altec, even video out.

at Apple Store Fukuoka #2

I'm sure this thing sounds great, but it's not what I would buy if I were in the market for one. Yes, it's nice that it's simple (as pundit Andy Ihnatko said, "You plug your iPod into it, and the iPod becomes really, really loud"), but I think it deserves some improvements, at least to compete with similar but less expensive products from already established audio players.

UPDATE: Doc Searls suggests the Cambridge SoundWorks $50 USD PCWorks speaker system as a better value. Add a Griffin TuneCenter or similar dock (even Apple's own) and you're still saving at least $200 USD. Plus you can separate the speakers.


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