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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
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Tidbits from a sick day

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Cancer Treatment: Day 34 at Flickr.comSome tidbits from the past few weeks:

  • My mom couldn't believe it when I started getting grey hairs several years ago, but it's undeniable now, and I'm pretty sure they've been going grey more quickly since the cancer diagnosis in January. I guess I'm really a grownup now.
  • Now that I'm at the tail end of the recovery from my first surgery back on February 20, the best painkillers aren't the Tramadol pills I've been swallowing, but the hot baths I've been taking. I had two yesterday. I make them about as hot as I can stand, and as soon as I dip in, any pain (really, by this point I'd describe it more as annoying discomfort) in my butt becomes unnoticeable. I've almost fallen asleep in the tub a couple of times.
  • The Magic Bag does a pretty good job too, and has been getting more work than anytime since my wife's pregnancies years ago.
  • Every person in the medical system I've dealt with so far has been remarkably friendly, forthright, helpful, and sympathetic. No one has tried to couch things in oversimplified language, no one has treated me condescendingly, and everyone has apologized when there have been delays. Next Friday (March 16) I have my first appointment at the B.C. Cancer Agency, where I expect the trend to continue.
  • While all this has been going on, my wife and her "wingwoman" (as Maryam Scoble put it) KA just celebrated the first anniversary of their Lip Gloss and Laptops podcast. They've put out 51 episodes since the beginning of March 2006, with only a couple of breaks. Wow!
  • My podcast co-host Paul is now crisscrossing the U.S.A. leading a series of podcasting seminars for Apple. His first stop: chilly Minneapolis (although it's only –3°C there today).
  • My MacBook is still in the shop.

Today I'm home with my youngest daughter, who has a cold. We're hanging out in the big bed watching TV as I type this.


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