13 May 2007


Adventures in toileting

Cancer Treatment: Day 102 (Chemoradiotherapy Day 32)This is my poopiest post so far. Be warned.

Since I began chemoradiation treatment for my colorectal cancer in late March, my body has continued to find creative and unusual ways to make having a bowel movement a miserable experience. I've had diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal cramps. Stools that were too hard, or too watery. Too much, too little, too fast, too slow. None at all, more than I can handle. Gassy and blocked, or loose and out of control.

I've taken stool softeners, laxatives, and diarrhea relief. I've sat on the toilet backwards so I can rest my arms and head on the top of the tank. I've used baby wipes and Penaten cream because everything else feels like sandpaper. I've taken sitz baths, immersion baths, and long hot showers where I'm kneeling on the floor of the tub for 45 minutes. I've used Magic Bags and electric heating pads and morphine and Extra Strength Tylenol.

Tonight I felt well enough to go for a Mother's Day dinner with my wife, and mom, and mother-in-law. I was amazed considering what I felt like this time yesterday. The steak at Milestone's was extremely good.

But I would like to thank our neighbour across the street for power washing his deck between 5:30 and 8:30 last night, and and again most of today (he's still going). That made everything extra special.

How was your Mother's Day weekend?

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Love the poo posts. :) That's a pretty fantastic idea, sitting backwards and resting on the back of the toilet, I've never thought of that before. at my current apartment the sink is close enough to lean on, and at my old one the towel rack was across from the toilet. There's a few birthday celebrations this weekend coming up and one involves a rather extended pub crawl, so I'll try to keep the backwards thing in mind if I get to that state... :)

I just noticed the comments are on blogger and not haloscan, when did that happen?
i can't wait till you are back at work derek!
The comments switched over when I re-did the template on May 1. So May is Blogger comments, April and earlier back to October 2000 are still HaloScan.