08 May 2007


Off the grid

If you've been trying to reach me, you'll have noticed that I haven't been reading email or returning phone calls, nor have I been online with IM. I haven't been posting to this blog or taking photos. I haven't even been listening to music or podcasts, though I have watched some TV (several episodes of MythBusters, for some reason). This is the first I've cracked open my laptop since Sunday.

I am amazingly sleepy. I'm doing okay, but I'm heading into my last week of chemotherapy, and together with the radiation they are taking their toll—on me as well as presumably on my cancer itself. My wife has managed to get me to the Cancer Agency each weekday, but that is the extent of it. Otherwise, I have hot showers where I kneel on the floor of the bathtub to feel better, I eat, I use the washroom, I try to help put the kids to bed, and I sleep.

I'll come back on the grid soon enough, but for now I'll be a flickery presence. Back to bed.

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Heh, I was watching Mythbusters recently, kept thinking about how the non-beret guy looks like Alistair.

Sleep well, vanquish the evil, and we look forward to your recovery period!
Adam Savage not only looks like Alistair (with less hair), he acts like him. One recent episode where they busted the myth of the Hindenburg's flammable paint job, there's a point where Adam blows up a box with hydrogen in it, and the way he says, "Is everyone o-KAY?" is just freakishly Alistair-like.

So, Mr. A, if you're reading this, you should apply as the fill-in co-host. Just get some explosives training.
You know, I have to get a new pair of glasses anyway. Maybe I should go for some heavy frames...