03 May 2007


Gonna be a sleepy one

Cancer Treatment: Day 92 at Flickr.comToday for the first time in two weeks, I received the heavy-duty chemotherapy drug, oxaliplatin, via an hour-long IV drip at the Cancer Agency. I also restarted the capecitabine pills after a one-week break, and had my usual every-weekday radiation treatment—and it all took less than three hours this morning.

Although I feel nothing from them right away, I dreaded downing the capecitabine pills this morning after the break. They're poison. But poison that's doing me good. And unlike my previous oxaliplatin treatments, I can feel some effects from the drip right away today: the skin on my inner right arm tingles from the site of the intravenous needle on my wrist all the way up to my bicep, and I was tired almost immediately after the chemo session.

But I'm well over half way now. I'm 22 days into a 36 day chemotherapy regimen, and there will be three extra days of "boost" radiation at the end, taking me to May 22 or so. Then I meet Dr. Brown again on May 23 to talk about my surgery (probably in late June) to remove the cancer itself.

I tell you, all the chemo and radiation is doing something to my body. I can sure feel that.

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Keep up the good work!! And keep your fingers as loose as you can as we drummers need them to play!

I found your site and Inside Home Recording about two months ago. Fantastic stuff!! Also, thanks for your road warrior tips in the May issue of Macworld!

I'm an oncologist in the States and working on podcasts for education purposes for physicians. You're an inspiration to all of us! You've helped me, now I want you to know that we're all thinking of you South of the Border. Take care!!

Sleepy was sure accurate. After I made this blog post I crashed out from 4 p.m. till 10 p.m., and now I'm wide awake at 12:50 in the morning. I think I'll get to sleep again soon, though.
Must be nice to know that all that stuff isn't just sugar pills, eh? Hope you crash again soon, and wake up with some energy for the weekend ahead!
Bye bye Cancer!! :)