04 May 2007


Inside Home Recording #41 now online

PaulAndDerek-11.jpg at Flickr.comWe skipped an episode because of my ongoing cancer treatment, but now my co-host Paul Garay and I have finally posted Episode #41 of our podcast Inside Home Recording. It's extra-long to make up for the delay, and includes a bunch of recording industry news, letters and audio comments from our listeners, a new giveaway contest we're running till July, reviews of speakers from Audioengine, and (most interesting for me) the beginning of Paul's "MIDI 101" series on how the ubiquitous Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) standard arose in the early 1980s, and still persists today.

You can either listen to the show on the website or subscribe in a variety of ways. If you like it, by the way, we'd appreciate a review at the iTunes Store.

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Finally!! Some awesome, detachable, self powered speakers for the Ipod/Apple Portables and similar. Might just have to get some. Any around town that are demo-able? BTW, I love the "word verification" thingie for comments on your page. Cuts down on the Cialis discounts that can seem to plague web sites.