21 May 2007


Rotary vs. iPhone: 11 ways my grandmother's old black dial phone was superior to Apple's upcoming iPhone

Telephone by Alastair Bird at Flickr.com
  • 11. Zero charge time, infinite talk and standby time.
  • 10. Impossible to lose or misplace.
  •   9. Built bicep strength with prolonged use.
  •   8. Always perfect reception within its coverage area (the kitchen).
  •   7. You could dial it while holding the receiver to your ear.
  •   6. Distinctive ringtone audible everywhere in the apartment.
  •   5. Simple, easy-to-understand rate plan with full carrier subsidy.
  •   4. Pleasant and firm tactile feedback for every digit dialed.
  •   3. Elegant, timeless design that never went out of style.
  •   2. Much more effective for hammering nails and bludgeoning robbers.
  •   1. Worked reliably for 27 years without replacement—or even, as far as I know, a single repair.

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The old black phone was not subsidized. You either bought it or paid rent, forever. https://kutv.com/watercooler/watercooler_story_257171241.html
If you still want your grandmother's old black dial phone, but would like something that you can take with you anywhere, check out the Port-O-Rotary: https://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=286

It works during a power failure too.
So would the iPhone, if local cell towers were still operational.