17 May 2007


Coming out of the shell

Cancer Treatment: Day 106 (Chemoradiotherapy Day 36)You know it had to be a tough week when I haven't posted to my blog for four days, and it was, but I'm finally in the home stretch. I finished my intravenous chemo one week ago today, and it hammered me in a nasty way over the weekend. Last night I took my last chemo pill, and I slept pretty decently, although it will still take a few days to flush that out of my system. And I have only two radiation treatments left: Friday and Tuesday. (Monday is a holiday.)

Also on Tuesday I meet with Dr. Brown to talk about when I'll have my surgery to remove the tumours. I already know it will be sometime between July 9 and July 22, so I have at least a month and a half to recover and try to gain back some of the 25 pounds (!) I've lost since Christmas.

Today I felt good. I had my radiation treatment, then had a last meeting with Dr. Ma, my radiation oncologist while my wife turned in my chemo forms and leftover pills. Then we went downtown and she had a haircut and I bought myself a new tripod (it's this model). That's the first time I've been interested in any of my hobbies for a few weeks. Here are some boring-but-photo-geeky sample pics:

Tripod Test - f/32 - 30 secs Tripod Test - f/13 - 03 secs

Through this time, my wife has been amazing, running everything in our house and with our two daughters, including school, Guides, tae kwon do, and piano. They have all had to put up with my turning into a cranky, withdrawn shell of a man as the side effects got worse and I spent almost all my time in bed or in the bathroom, and lost in my own head. I'm starting to come out of that now. They are three of the best reasons for me to re-emerge.

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It's good to read from you again and see you did not loose your hope and your energy. Keep on rollin' !

Dear Derek: happy to hear you're coming out of the fog a bit.

Unfortunately, your good news comes as my good friend Kim begins to enter the fog. She and her husband have decided to cease active treatment of her metastatic disease and move to a palliative mode.

Keep on fighting.
I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better. It's been a long haul!
Congrats on making it through the treatment... happy weight gaining!
where did u get the tripod? leo's?
Bingo! Most of the smaller camera shops don't have much in the way of decent tripods, but you can't beat Leo's for pro sales.

Unless you want Nikon cameras and lenses, which they no longer carry after some dispute with the company.