11 May 2007


What your T-shirt says about you

Hipster at Northern Voice 2005 - Vancouver, British Columbia 042 at Flickr.com"Somewhere near the middle of your T-shirt drawer," writes Adam Rosen in Gelf magazine (via Kottke), "lies dormant a secret weapon so witty, so elusively allusive, or just so damn hip it finds itself swathing your chest on only the most important occasions."

Here's mine. Hey, it got me labeled "hipster" two years ago by people who had no idea who I was at the time. Score!

(Thanks to Bill D. for buying it for me. The orange ones are now collector's items.)

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The shirt I'm wearing in this incredibly hot-tastic picture says "Anonymous American."

It's actually the name of a (very good) band here in Omaha, but the irony contained in the name just keeps growing.

Particularly amusing are the grunts, grins and and growls this shirt draws when I forget and wear it while I'm back up to Vancouver.

It's OK! It's IRONIC!
Ironic-o-licious, you mean.