16 August 2007


Links of interest (2007-08-16):

  • With Apple's new iWork '08, the venerable AppleWorks (formerly ClarisWorks) is finally officially dead.

  • Jeff at the Digital Camera Resource Page (my favourite digicam resource) has updated his Buyer's Guide of recommended cameras. I'm puzzled that he prefers the Nikon D40 to the D40x, but that's a quibble—and, I guess he made the choice to fit the Nikon into his under-$650 USD price category. For a simple one-page "best of 2007" digicam list, it's a great resource.

  • The compact disc, developed by Philips and Sony, is now 25 years old, with the first commercial release being an ABBA album. The first CD I ever bought was Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love"—still a good album, though my copy was stolen some years ago. Oddly, it does not seem to be available on iTunes.

  • Together with my wife, I'm planning to attend this weekend's unconference BarCamp Vancouver '07. It will be my first real geek meetup in several months.

  • The winners for all but the final two categories of the 2007 Podcast Awards have been announced.

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ooh... podcamp! I'm jealous. :) have a good time!

My first CD was Bette Midler...
yay... can't wait to see ya. :)
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Hmm, Derek, now you have me wondering what the very first CD was I actualy bought and didn't copy on a cassette tape after having brought it home from the library. I was a poor teenager.

My memory says that the first one I actualy bought was a present for my sister's birthday (so was in the end owned by my sister) and that was the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I made a tape of that one and still listen to it in the car, as I still have a car that plays cassette tapes.