25 September 2007



Manly toolbox at Flickr.comIn all the years of our marriage, my wife and I have stowed tools in haphazard places, in boxes and closets and drawers and on random shelves and hooks. Recently it became too frustrating: on several occasions we needed a particular tool, and we couldn't find it.

So this afternoon I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up a nice big toolbox, and spent about an hour rousting tools from their various hiding places to put in it. I didn't find everything, but most of the stuff is now in there and we know where to find it.

Yes, I'm 38 years old and I bought my first toolbox. Today I am a man.

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When we got married, 18 years ago, we found ourselves in an empty appartment, with nothing (no paper on the walls, no carpet on the floor, no furniture, nothing), before we went to get our things from both our studios.

We also waited for the store delivery of the wedding presents.

And then... Then, I decided that the thing we really needed was a tool box. A real one. A big, red, metal one. With three levels. I went out, bought a tool box, a set of screwdrivers - and then we put in it the tools we already had.

I remember feeling very much like a grown-up.

So yes, my dear Derek, I can confirm : you are now a grown-up too, welcome to the club !

PS : We still have the toolbox. It is very useful. I just keep yelling at the people who NEVER put the screwdrivers back in it...
Now you need a tool belt! Wearing it while performing some trivial task actually made me think I knew what I was doing.

Plus my wife thought it looked kinda sexy. An added bonus.
Not yet, grasshopper. You will truly be a man when you purchase your first tool designed to demolish something. Reciprocating saw, sledgehammer or pry-bar is best choice, youngling.