29 November 2007


Shopping time

LED LightsMy wife and I made up a Christmas shopping list today. We're trying to cut down on total spending craziness, and so far, thanks to her industriousness, we're doing pretty well with that so far.

Right now she's out taking care of some more of the list while I flake out at home with my chemo bottle. We'll probably put up the tree this weekend when I'm feeling a little better.

Here it comes, everybody, ready or not.

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Good for you cutting down on Christmas spending. My family has an unspoken agreement not to spend a lot of money on Christmas presents. My husbands family spends even less. I love Christmas. I always start decorating on the first of December. Although this year I think I will wait for it to get warmer before putting up the outdoor Christmas lights.

Great job on "We Three Kings" man. Very nicely done. Hope you're doing well!

Hope things are going well. All of us fellow drummer/percussionists south of the border wish you the best. I think it's good to cut down a bit on Christmas spending…you'll have a little more cash for toys!!

Keep up the great work!