10 January 2008


Food Network vs. nausea

Iron Chef America Taping 10.06.06 at Flickr.comFor some reason, when the chemo starts hitting me, I often find myself watching Iron Chef America on the Food Network. Although I'm usually nauseated, somehow the expertly prepared gourmet food still looks wonderfully appetizing. A recent Kobe Beef episode was particularly scrumptious (probably because I'm a bit anemic and have been craving red meat).

Semi-related to that, I don't often write songs with words, but every once in a while something comes to me. Here's what the Food Network led me to write last evening:

Sometimes I feel like I've been drinking
Even when I haven't beem drinking
Baby, I swear I haven't been thinking
Of anyone but you
And Nigella Lawson
In the kitchen
With a spatula
And a blowtorch
For the crème brulée

We'll see where that goes.

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I'm thinking you're going to need some honest cowbell to sell that one.
Forgive the blog-stalking (just spent the last hour reading through your archives), but I am a cancer newbie (of the stage III rectal variety) and am trying to learn as much as I can about the road that lies ahead without reading any more scientific papers--spoiler alert: the prognosis for the young women in those stories is rarely good.

Thanks much for blogging your story--I wish you the best of luck and will continue to follow your continued hard-fought battle against the beast within.
Do remember that the statistical prognosis is not YOUR prognosis. Everyone's cancer is different, and everyone responds differently to a variety of treatments. Despite a lot of crap over the past year, I feel lucky to be (a) still alive, and (b) still generally feeling okay. So good luck, and remember that cancer is not inevitable doom.
thats a good start for your song...im looking forward to the whole thing...

^^hmmm everyone do have different ways on dealing with it...we just have to keep positive and remember that were not alone...
Hi Derek,
My husband adores Nigella, so I think I know where your lyrics are coming from. Her midnight snacks, though, which she pretends to devour at the end of each show are too huge to be believable.
Iron Chef America rock, not least because of Host Alton.
And if you are craving red meat, and don't mind blowing the budget, Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown is offering some that is extra-special, and only $35 per ounce--about $210 for a good sized steak.
Sincere thanks for the peptalk, Derek. It's so easy to swing from one nonchalant-about-cancer extreme to the other ("OMGOMGOMG!").

Hope you and your family have had a relaxing weekend. :)