04 January 2008


Grey band

I got my haircut yesterday in the midst of my cancer rollercoaster, so I was away from home all day. My daughters stayed at my parents the whole time, and when I got home, my oldest said, "Daddy, did you lose all your hair in one day?!"

I told her no, it wasn't from chemotherapy. I just got a haircut. But I have noticed that there is now a band of grey hair across the back of my head, from temple to temple, that wasn't there last time I got a short haircut a few months ago:

Grey band

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I've got one of those "skunk stripes" right in the front! Welcome to the club!
Gray hair, I have always believed, is a sign of accomplishment. It shows you have traveled many paths in your life and the gray is your band of honor. Only few people can carry off gray...you are one of them. So consider yourself lucky, it could have gone curly instead.
I wish you grey stripes as only permanent traces of cancer, when you get well !