01 February 2008


Microsoft + Yahoo! = Um, Well...

I summarized my opinion of the proposed $45 billion takeover of Yahoo! by Microsoft in my comment on Robert Scoble's post:

I think if the merger happens, it will take ages to bring the two companies together, Yahoo!’s best people will bail out, and by the time the smoke clears, Google will have lapped Yahoosoft/Microhoo several times. Bad for both sides, and in the end for users, in my opinion.

Then again, I know nothing about running a business. These are just my instincts.

Here's what some other people had to say:

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I think you're right Derek. THer is too much of a discontinuity between the two companies. I just hope the good parts of Yahoo (e.g. Flickr) don't get destroyed in the process.
I suspect subsidiaries like Flickr and Delicious might get sold off. I think that would be best for Flickr, at least, if the buyer can provide sufficient server capacity.
Whatever happens, to me this is just another move that shows MS can't innovate its own way out of a paper bag.

Their motto: if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em.

Long live Google and Apple!