24 May 2008


Apple Store Vancouver is open

I didn't go when the Apple Store Pacific Centre opened today in Vancouver, but John Biehler did, along with a gaggle of other Vancouver webby types. As expected, it was pretty busy:

Apple Store Vancouver by John Biehler

It's nice to have a location here in Vancouver, finally, but since all the mall Apple Stores look pretty much the same...

Apple Store Vancouver entrance by John Biehler

....then if you've been to some of the others (I've been to three of them near Seattle, and one in Hawaii), I don't know how much will be new about this one.

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Yeah, but did they get free stuff? Wil is going to be SO MAD if there were free tshirts. We were going to go but we overslept.
Free shirts to the first 1000 people, sez John Biehler. Bummer.
P.S. Mostly Lisa has a funny shirt photo.