18 July 2008


Zune arrives, not working yet

Yeah, I got the Zune today, but no, despite efforts all fricking day long, I have not actually managed to play any audio or video on it yet. So here are some photos:

Zune letter Zune photo setup Zune for U.S.A. only Zune stickies Zune package contents Zune photo setup 2
Zune headphones Zune charging Zune download Zune license agreement Zune preparing... forever... Zune cancel
Zune fail Zune box Zune packing Zune contents Zune headphones (cross-processed) Zune rising
Zune FTW Zune hooked up Zune subscribe to IHR Zune - come to the social Zune 8 back - "Hello from Seattle" Zune stove charge

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What a let down. On the other hand though, it does not have an apple logo:)
How come it won't work? You can give it to me and maybe I can get it work!!! LOL
If I knew why it wasn't working, I could probably get it to work. But I have not let it crush my geek pride yet, and will make a few more valiant attempts before I give up.

I am, however, finally getting some sense of why Apple is eating everyone else's lunch in the MP3 player marketplace.
yes, one would think that if apple can make a product work with windows Microsoft should be able to make a product work with windows...very bizarre.