31 August 2008


Cool retro juke box gear that's older than me

Seeburg 45 rpm 100-selection jukeboxIf you're into audio gear, you'd like my father's house, especially his basement. Juke boxes used to be the thing, and he installed many of them in the '60s and '70s throughout British Columbia. My parents' rec room includes juke boxes for both 331/3 rpm LPs and 45 rpm singles.

Even cooler, my dad can hook up his MP3 player to one of them, and also route sound to some ancient but still great-sounding twin speakers, each of which comprises double 15-inch woofers (!) and exponential horn tweeters. Those can be extremely loud. Somehow I doubt that many people's current 5.1 surround sound systems will still be going strong in 40 years like these are.

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Hi Derek, I remember your Mom and Dad's juke box, and from what you wrote it's still going strong. that's amazing. I still remember a few parties where we played music on it. If I remember your Aunt has one too, haven't seen it for years, so I'm thinking it might be downstairs.

I still have lots of 45 and 33 1/2 records, if your Dad is interested he's more than welcome to them. I can't play the 45's anymore, but I could the albums, just never think to.

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