20 August 2008


The Fair

Music Express - PNE and Playland Aug 19, 2008 at Flickr.comIt always turns out expensive, the food is bad for you, it ain't much but vast swaths of asphalt and carnival booths and rides and lights and noise, and this year once the sun set it started to rain. Then it started to rain really, really hard. So hard the fireworks were cancelled.

Still, my wife and daughters and I had fun joining Jodi and her husband and stepdaughter for a day at the PNE. Corn dogs, mini-donuts, wiggle chips, scones, burritos, teriyaki chicken, and bottomless refillable Diet Coke all stayed down, despite rides rides rides. (Myself, I didn't ride: was designated bag, newly-won stuffed animal, and umbrella holder.)

Now my legs are sore from standing around all afternoon and evening. Clothes and bags are hung up to dry. I've posted a bunch of photos, and it's time for sleep.

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My favourite PNE story: I worked reception each summer during university. When the outdoor concerts were introduced, naturally we got flooded with phone calls from irritated neighbours (understandably). There really wasn't anything that we could do except apologize.

Except one night.

One night, the same (frankly, crotchety) woman called for the umpteenth time to complain. Her call came through just moments after I'd heard on the security radio that the last song was winding down and the show would be done.

So this time, when the crotchety woman started to rant, I was able to interupt and say, "you know what? I completely agree with you. Give me 3 minutes, and I'll arrange for the concert to close so you can enjoy your evening in peace".

Blown away, she hung up, and I imagine she was even more blown away when, indeed, the concert concluded moments later.

Somewhere, some lady had her moment, when she called and got a concert shut down.
And imagine, there are silly people out there who say you should always be honest. :)
Ok, I gotta know, what the HECK are "wiggle chips"?
Nothing too unusual: they're just fresh potato chips, sliced thin with the skins still on them, then deep-fried. They tend to scrunch up into wavy little crunchy things, and the company calls the Wiggle Chips. The kids love the name. "Wiggle chips! Wiggle chips!" they were shouting.