10 September 2008


Adam Savage laughs maniacally

I've never seen this effect (via Bad Astronomy) before:

Man, I just laughed and laughed out loud. No, you should not try it at home.

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Derek, where the hell do we get some of this gas.

I have to try it at home.
Uhhh, be REALLY careful with that last one. I'd heard of it before from someone in St. John's whose high school teacher demonstrated it - and then promptly passed out because he couldn't exhale the heavier-than-air gas from his lungs! One of the students had the presence of mind to turn him upsidedown. Taught that class a science lesson they'd never forget...
Yeah, that's why he was saying that you shouldn't try it, at home or anywhere else. Even helium can be dangerous, since if you inhale too much and don't get it out of your lungs, you can starve your cells of oxygen, so you could pass out or even die.

So Jeff, no, you shouldn't try it, and sulphur hexafluoride gas is extremely expensive anyway. Better to use some of the vocal filters in GarageBand to get a similar effect.
This will be good for my Barry White Night performance.
Wow, I like that guy.
Google's AdSense advertising engine put an ad on this post for a "7-day Lung Cleanse." Pleasant.