08 October 2008


Nearly time for another surgery

In less than two days, I have surgery to reverse my ileostomy and reconnect my intestines into proper working order. It happens sometime on Friday, October 10. Having had four surgical procedures (three under general anaesthetic) since early 2007, I'm pretty blasé about the procedure itself. I'm a little apprehensive about the pain and recovery, which will likely have me in St. Paul's Hospital for about a week, and on soft foods for awhile after that.

Tomorrow I'll consume nothing but fluids in preparation: I've already had my last solid meal for awhile. I'll go see my cousin graduate from university in the morning, do various chores after that, get ready for the hospital in the afternoon, and then call to find out my surgery time.

It's still a bit like getting ready for a car accident you know is coming, so the nerves are there. But this time, I've been through the same kind of collision before. I know morphine works. I'll be renting a TV. But damn, there's still no wireless Internet at the hospital—I wish they'd get on that.

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I suppose unlike a car accident, the outcome is going to be really exciting, getting all the tubes working again. I'm really happy for you. I'm speculating that it won't be too uncomfortable as it sounds way less invasive.
Don't forget the internet room on the 5th floor. I'm sorry that I can't get surgery with you this time but I'll try to make it by for sure.
I hope the unpleasantness is minimized. And get well as soon as you can!
I've been following your posts since sometime in January. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and I stumbled across your spot on the 'net. Anyway.. today is her last day of chemo (for now) and I hopehopehope that she'll be able to have her colostomy reversed. Best of luck to you and yours. You have a reader in Texas that will be thinking happy thoughts for you.
I'll be thinking good thoughts for you all day Friday (and during your recovery) and anxious to read the good report on A's blog.
I hope your surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is uneventful :-)
For what it's worth, JH had a very difficult recovery after the first surgery, and we were all very surprised and relieved to realise that the "repairing" surgery went very smoothly, and was like "nothing at all" compared to the rest.

20 mn on the table instead of 4 hours.

Nobody cuting you open (on the contrary, they "shut" your belly)

I do hope you will find it as "light" a surgery as JH did. Our thoughts are with you.
all my very best wishes to you, derek. you're often on my mind. the way you're sharing your story really talks to me.

i hope all that plumbing goes well.

take good care.
Hi there,
Found your blog when you retweeted a tweet of mine.
Just wanted to send my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Good luck for the surgery, Derek!
I recommend downloading some tv and/or movies on to your iTouch and watching from there. Good picture + privacy = good times.
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Best of luck for a speedy recovery, Derek!
Hey Derek, just saw your tweet about tomorrow. Fingers crossed and positive vibes going your way. Good luck and get well soon.

Scott & Holly
Hey Derek,

Just saw a tweet from Airdrie saying that things went well (saw a photo of you two on Flickr too) and I am just here sending you my best wishes!
So, How did it go?