18 November 2008


Another new song, "In Phase One"

This week I'm spending all day every day at the B.C. Cancer Agency having my blood tested, blood pressure taken, and ECGs done as part of the Phase I clinical trial I'm participating in—hence my lack of blog posts.

It's not much fun, but I do have plenty of free time in between tests. I spent most of today sleeping after a mostly sleepless night of intestinal side effects (now much better). But yesterday I was more awake, and spent some of my time taking an old guitar riff I'd recorded more than two years ago and building an actual instrumental tune out of it. The result is:

There's something of an '80s U2/Police/New Wave feel to the track. I'm not sure where that vibe came from, but it's still pretty obviously one of my kerrang-kerrang geetar instrumentals, as usual. I hope you like it.

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Hey Derek .. love that funky riff. Maybe Leo Laporte can use it for one of his Netcasts!!


Steve Taylor
Melbourne, Australia
Thanks for the work, I used it on our Corpsman.com "ATTACK OF DA-CHIEF" this week, I still need to mix it a bit, but man, it just "FIT's" for us..

Hope all is well..