05 November 2008


Non-killer packaging

Amazon's new frustration-free packaging (via Gruber and Kottke) is a great idea—plus I was surprised and pleased to find that Wired's coverage of the announcement includes one of my photos:

Shure E3C Package Opening Adventure

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I picked up (for $1.99 I think at Canadian Tire) a little magnetized cutter that sticks to the fridge. It's got a tiny, recessed ceramic blade in it that chews through that infernal plastic packaging like a fat kid through a box of smarties. They also advertise it for cutting out coupons and stuff and because the blade is recessed it's close to impossible to cut yourself with it. If I find a link for it, I'll come back and post it here.
Actually, we have a a device like that too, from Home Hardware. I'd still much prefer Amazon's new packaging anyway.

They're not the first to try something like this, I'll note.