31 December 2008


Home safe

Look out below at Flickr.comLast night and today were an improvement over the previous couple of days, although I was up most of the night with side effects anyway.

And despite high winds overnight and this morning in Victoria, the weather calmed down in the afternoon and we had another pretty trip back across Georgia Strait from Vancouver Island to the mainland. We're home now, seeing if we can all stay up to ring in 2009. Looks like we might get there, although our younger daughter is watching TV alone in the living room, and I'm guessing she might crash before midnight.

Happy 2009, everyone. I'm glad to see another new year.

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I had the same problem as your daughter. Tried to stay up, but just barely made it past midnight. Then had to sleep.

Glad to hear the negative symptoms are subsiding even if just a bit (re: your comment saying you were better than the past two days).

Happy New Year, Derek! May 2009 bring lots of positive things to you, Air, and your daughters.