11 January 2009


The cool crowd

My friend Simon scanned some old photos and sent them over a couple of days ago. They're of me and some of my friends (him included) between 1990 and 1992. We look younger than we thought we did at the time. And yes, the '90s definitely had its own fashion sense, even if we didn't think so then either:

The cool crowd On the old couches Derek on the rocks Derek leaping
Derek n drum Derek and Simon Lunatic Fringe 2 Lunatic Fringe 1
Drummer to the right Get down baby Derek and the glowing cow Sebastien and geetar

The pictures include photos of The Love Bugs, the predecessor to my current band The Neurotics, which is still playing a pretty similar batch of songs more than 15 years later. If you'd been at the Starlight Casino in Queensborough, B.C. last night, in fact, you could have seen me playing guitar and drums just like in these images—but in a nice suit instead of a ratty t-shirt. Sebastien was there too.

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