03 January 2009


Favourite photos of 2008

Here are my 200+ favourite photos from 2008, posted to my Flickr account. I took most, but not all, of them:

Martin Sikes memorial 25 Martin Sikes memorial 36 Excursionists return to Denny's 1 Edison and Leo - Leo with mouth Hangdog hats Six oranges Sledding at Forglen - 07 Sledding at Forglen - 03 Gone swimmin' - 10 Gone swimmin' - 14 New glasses 2 Mirror prep Little Red Riding Bonham Rock out! Drum solo Mountain view 2 Slushy sledding - 19 Rick's 1966 Fender Jazz Bass - front Simone - 04 Simone - 06 Simone - 08 Chocolate sundae - 1 20 years on Birthday swim - 20 Vac-u-girl Miss M and her pals Science World birthday - 02 Science World birthday - 32 Science World birthday - 48 Moon and Saturn Lunar eclipse - 34 Moon and tree Northern Voice tiki dinner 2008 Northern Voice tiki dinner 2008 Slide pileup MooseCamp 2008 - The Millers Crazy Kingsway - 3 Crazy Kingsway - 7 Northern Voice 2008 Quick 'n' dirty Mullenweg keynote panorama Northern Voice 2008 - Buttons Footie Legs only Mossy 1 Lauren! Happy Easter from M Happy Easter from L Geek spawn Paparazzo Grandpa Ralph and the girls Sticky and Swingy Neurotic Train wheels 1 Toque boy Air and the BlackBerry Pearl Washing the deck 1 Cartwheel Très orange Derek with Artigiano latte Central Park Leaves HDR Test Central Park Leaves HDR Final Jesse Tucker 3 L and her mom at Old Orchard Park Stylin' girls Papa, Mimi, and the girls Two spooners Catch a falling star Georgia Strait solstice sunset - 9:25pm 21 June 2008 English Bay summer solstice 2 - 10:30pm 21 June 2008 Simone at the Millers' 2 Vancouver City Hall Hubcaps for sale Construction Last day of school! 1912 House Downtown Vancouver skyline Lonsdale Quay with fireboat 2 Container cranes Second Narrows 2 Under the Line East Van Mom and Wellington In the fountain! Two smileys Miss L sleeping Miss M The girls Flowers Beach ball Miss L Nikon D50 Derek with Nikon F4 Big roller Cross-processed flowers 8 Summer spray Splash zone Back at the car M portrait L portrait Yes, there was a bear Family above the clouds A and M ready for the mountain Off the peak Leap Wet spin Peach smoothie Little customer At your service Keep runnin' Balloon release 4 Yaletown swings Dizzy and Jeff Yard monsters (4 and 8) Little Miss A Door dawg Stoplights Jeff D. Holloway Lift truck HDR Air and kk+ Air and Ponzi ROSCO at Harmony Arts B&W 15 Never touch my car again Simone - Labour Day weekend Arbutus Club - Daughters and Sticky Fire dancer 18 My cousin T Sleepy M Cry cry cry Misses L and M Burnaby Mountain sunset HDR Metrotown bridge 1 HDR Me Right Now Little BarCamper BarCamp party - Jenn Lowther L's first glasses M's new specs Sticky Neurotic on guitar Liking the new glasses Miss M and Tooth Cottony clouds 2 HDR Basket BlackBerry Car wash 3 Power chord time (faux Polaroid) D.Q. Neurotic 2008 - 3 Trophy girl 2 Autumn front window 2 HDR Fender Princeton Reverb (circa 1978) and MXL990 condenser mic Renaissance HDR Kids on the roof - Coast Mountains behind Crazy living room photo shoot 2 Crazy living room photo shoot 6 Crazy living room photo shoot 9 Crazy living room photo shoot 13 Family Christmas 2 Tracks Leaves 1 Leaves 4 Hat man Sliders Waiting in the waves Station Square roof HDR iPodder Mt. Baker from the Fraser River HDR Derek's crazy mutant post-chemo eyelashes Overpass HDR L and Air Big eyelashes again Tree silhouette HDR Air and Karen Best of 604 - Lip Gloss and Laptops wins Vignette sample - DX crop-frame lens on full-frame camera Navarik kids' Christmas - Princess Navarik kids' Christmas - popular Santa 2 Air and Dizzle B&W Bokeh dots 3 - multi Bokeh dots 4 - Christmas colours Bloedel Conservatory HDR Mount Baker from Queen E Park HDR Lip balm redecorated Santa M Solstice sledding - 03 Solstice sledding - 04 Solstice sledding - 09 Solstice sledding - 11 Solstice sledding - 12 Burrard Station Cathedral Mountain and cloud HDR My dad, mom, cousin Tata, and TJ Miss M White white white white white Christmas New sweater It's a Quatchi Christmas The Balvenie bottle 195 of 350 Big hat M Our front yard light buried in snow Ferry line HDR Daughters in the wind Shutter speed L at Nautical Nellies Fan Tan Alley Active Pass and Ferry HDR Look out below

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