16 March 2009


A little walk

This is my kids' walk to school—and since I attended the same school in the '70s, it's also the same walk I took each day 30 years ago:

Compiled from 47 photos taken with my Nikon D50 every 15 to 20 steps on the way, and made with iMovie '09. Music is my tune "Camp Walk," from 2006.

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AWESOME music and pics!
Not sure if you have ever written about F-stops. I just bought a SLR camera and I am a little bewildered about aperture, shutter speed etc.
I've written about all those things. My series is at:


It includes specific articles about aperture and shutter speed.

I hope that helps.
Loved the music, the photos and the visual effects (the way the photos transitioned from one to the other