30 June 2009


"Dodging Buses," my new free MP3 instrumental

Derek Wally's burger 1I turn 40 today, and in honour of that, here is "Dodging Buses" (3.7 MB MP3 file), a three-minute instrumental number. Like many of my others, it has that signature Penmachine granky guitar-bass-drums sound, with a hint of AC/DC. I started recording it back in March, using my Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar tuned to an open E chord, but only in this past week did I add bass, mix, and then master it.

The name comes from something I've said numerous times during my past two and half years of cancer treatment: the saying goes that you could get hit by a bus anytime, but personally, I feel like I'm dodging buses every day. It's licensed for you to share and reuse, as long as you give me credit, so have fun with it.

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Happy Birthday!
As I said earlier on le Twitter, happy birthday!

Can you help me out with what the term 'granky' means? Is that some kind of musical slang, or just a mistyped "cranky"?
Happy Birthday, and keep on dodging those buses!
Wow! Happy B-day Derek, even if I'm one day late. My life more or less started at age 40 in all kinds of ways, so I hope you too will see many MANY good years.

All the best,

Darren, while it was entirely intentional, I made up the word granky as I typed the blog post. It represents the kinds of guitar sounds I tend to use.

I'll wait for the OED to include it in its next edition.
Hey Derek. Happy b'day again. Great party.
What BPM did you do the recording at?
It's at 130 bpm, E major, 4/4 time.
Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Derek! You so deserve to celebrate! 40 is when you really start to hit your prime in life, IMO. I'll continue to send my most positive thoughts to you and your family for at least 40 more. You've earned every year, and you've got all the right stuff to keep going.

Cheers, Cathryn
Great song, Derek! And belated Happy Birthday. I wish you many, many more!