09 June 2009


Keep on keepin' on

That makes two consecutive CT scans showing my tumours to be stable. This drug may keep me around for awhile yet.

But man, these side effects. Just got back to bed after another hour and a half in the bathroom. There's always a price to be paid to stay alive, I guess.

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Good for you! (not the bathroom stuff). I didn't know the word "indomitable" started with K. 'Cause it's your middle name.
Excellent news, I'm very glad to hear there is a payoff for the side effects! Congratulations to you, your family and your doctors!
Awesome news Derek ('cept for the side effects stuff).
I'm so glad the tumours are stable!

That's great news Derek. Hopefully this drug will keep working until they come up with something better. Who knows, you might outlive the rest of us.
Fantastic news Derek! I've 'liked' this status on Facebook but wanted to drop a note here to tell you I wish you and your family the best.

I trust I'll be reading this same update a year from now.

all the best to you and yours!
1) If the stuff is working, can't they give you something for the side effects?
2)There are new meds coming out all the time, so the longer you live the better your chance for a "permanent" remission.
3)I'm very happy for you.
Francine, there's not much that can address my side effects, unfortunately. Imodium can sometimes calm things down a little, but sometimes not. When my body wants to get rid of what's in my intestines, it does so. I'm getting used to it, sort of.

Yes, there may be something new and more effective as time goes on. So far there's not much on the horizon, but this will do for now. I'd prefer I was well enough to work, but simply being alive is sufficient!
HI Derek,

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