01 November 2009


Dog in the family?

Meet cuteI've never owned a dog, not even as a child. I've had fish (we have them now), and back in the early '90s, my roommates and I had a smart black 24-toed cat named Guildenstern, who died too young and is buried in the back yard. But never a dog.

We're probably going to get a dog. It has to be hypoallergenic, since my wife Air is allergic to most furry things. But our experience with a couple of friends' dogs (including dogsitting Podcast Puppy) has shown us that a few breeds, usually poodle crosses, don't set off her immune system.

I've always been reticent to adopt a dog because our family likes to travel, but with my cancer, I can't and don't travel very far these days, and with my wife at work and the kids at school, I'm often home by myself. The right dog would make a good companion for me, and get me out of the house more. I need that. And most dogs seem to like me. Plus caring for a dog is something new to learn.

I've warmed considerably to the idea. We visited some puppies today. It probably won't be long. I'll keep you posted.

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I live with two dogs. They lower my blood pressure and lift my mood, make me laugh and cause me trouble. (See https://buppythepuppy.com)

Dogs have a proven ability to understand and help cancer patients. And exercise builds the immune system. Get a dog and walk him, play ball with him, and enjoy life. You'd be surprised how much you will love having that dog.
Whose dog is that in the picture? Pretty cute!
That was one of the puppies we visited yesterday, a "Westie Poo" cross-breed. It was a little more sheddy than we'd like, but you can see what I mean that dogs generally like me.
Sounds like a great idea! I think I'd go crazy when I'm sick at home if it weren't for my cat... driving me crazy. It's a masochistic life.

I grew up with a maltipoo in the house, very cuddly. My stepdad has a toy Manchester terrier now, and it's all pointy nose and elbows. I'd recommend a dog that's happy to curl up on your lap or feet when you're too tired to take it for long walks.
hey derek - try a havanese - super cute and adorable - its kind of more like a chick dog though - doodles are cool and fun as well as being bigger - both are hypoallergenic.

If you buy a dog - im allergic - make sure you can try him out in the house for airs sake, in case the breed sets her off. check with the store on 'return' policies - my borther got a cat and it was awful tryign to return her.

oh how fun! I agree that a dog would be an excellent companion for you. I think you will learn to love it and wonder how you ever got along without a furry companion.
As I mentioned, we've already had great luck dogsitting a maltese-poodle cross (Dizzy the Podcast Puppy) on several occasions, so that's what we're looking at now.
Have you tried looking in shelters? There are some great dogs looking for homes. We got a bichon/poodle cross and a shih-tzu ( both non-shedding, hypoallergenic) from the Coquitlam and Vancouver shelters respectively and they have been wonderful dogs. Watch out for pet stores as many buy from puppy mills. Good luck on your search!
Yup, we know the puppy mill problem and are working to avoid that, and we're checking the shelters and other adoption methods as well.
Our 2 dogs are Shih Tzu crossed with Lhasa Apso and are great company for me as I work at home. They're fairly laid back.

I'm currently visiting friends who have a Labradoodle. He is very smart and can handle a *lot* of exercise and play.

I'd suggest you think carefully about how much exercise your dog will need and who will provide it.

Absolute must: as soon as the dog is old enough, attend puppy classes with it. That will help you understand how dogs think and operate. It also helps the dog learn how to socialise with people and dogs, and some basic good manners.

A polte dog is a delight.

All dogs need sufficient exercise in amounts that match their breed and personality.

The downside of a non-shedding dog: regular grooming and trimming.

Small aside: dogs can get to you ... I'm away from home for a couple of days. Before I left I set up a dogcam so I can check in on the little guys.