03 December 2009


Back on the train

Today I saw my oncologist to find out about my next round of cancer treatment, but even before that, the chemo ward called me yesterday and said they'd had a wait-list cancellation. My first appointment tomorrow is, Friday, at 2 p.m.

So by tomorrow at this time, I may feel like throwing up for two or three days (or not—some new anti-nausea drugs are now available). On the other hand, I'm ready to get the hell started. This regimen is similar to some of the chemotherapy I've had before, so I have a decent idea what to expect. Unfortunately, it's not much fun.

I'll post more information as soon as I feel like it.

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Great comment by Roger...so appropriate.

All the very best of luck Derek, wish this round goes well
To add insult to injury, your first comment was spam. Bastards.

Stay strong.
Yeah, I've deleted that now -- the same commenter already tried to post to several of my earlier entries. Sigh.
Here's hoping you don't get nauseous while you kick some cancer ass. Surely cute puppies have healing properties.
Go rock that chemo like a hurricane!

(or something...)

You know what to do, and now it's just time to get to it.

When in doubt, snuggle a puppy. ;)
Stay strong.
Thinking of you...
hi, found your blog via Miss604 on twitter. Totally don't know you but your post touched me. Kick it's ass!