11 February 2010


One down

Three years ago, I set a couple of goals: to try to beat back cancer long enough to see the Winter Olympics come to Vancouver, and to live a couple of years longer so I could renew my driver's license when it expires in 2012.

Well, I hit the first one:

Burnaby Willingdon torch relay - 14

That's the Olympic torch being carried up Willingdon Avenue, about four blocks from my house, on its way through Burnaby and Vancouver to the opening ceremony tomorrow. Two years and a bit from now, maybe I'll get that new driver's license too.

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I hope you do renew your license, in part to hear your take on the embedded RFID chip in it.
I'll have to get one of those tinfoil-hat shielded wallets, maybe.

Our dog has an RFID chip too!
Looks like you need to set a goal for 2014!
Excellent, no worries, you are doing excellent, you are beating cancer, your tumors have shrunk.