18 March 2010


I know, I know

People who put pictures of their pets on their blogs are a Web stereotype. I know. But come on...

Puppy portrait 1 crop

...what am I supposed to do? Not post that?

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at least there is no LOL or i needz Cheezburger
Awesome picture!
That's a very cool photo.
I feel vindicated.
Fine dog portrait and nice bokeh
You post as many as you want :)
You big softy you!
I hope you have more respect for the catbloggers now.
Yes, yes I do. Meow.
Oh yeah? Take this Mr cute-photographer-man!
Well, sure, super-cute, but is it ON YOUR BLOG?! Otherwise it doesn't count.
Well, it's on flickr which is linked to from my blog... er, which my blog links to from, er, ... no.