11 March 2010


Winter arrives, and departs

Slushy march! at Flickr.comI'm just emerging from another few days of post-chemotherapy haze, but this morning was an interesting way to emerge.

After many a joke during the Winter Olympics about how there was no snow here in Vancouver in February, we actually got our first proper dump of snow—less than two weeks before the start of spring. My daughter Marina photographed it.

Of course, since we're in Vancouver, it has almost all melted now in the rain. That's okay. Like most of us, I remember last year.

P.S. Marina and her sister set up a fashion design blog yesterday. It's pretty cool—especially since they required no grown-up assistance at all, as far as I know.

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Great shot! Please pass on my compliment. It was quite shock to see snow on my neighbour's roof this morning. (I have a good view of their roof from my bed!)

I was worried about all the spring flowers coming up - but I'm sure they are used to it.