18 April 2010


The Fish House, 45 years later

On Saturday, April 17, 1965, my parents were married in St. Andrews Wesley Church on Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver. They held their reception that evening, in a building constructed as the Stanley Park Sports Pavilion in 1930. Today it's the home of the Fish House restaurant.

Last night, 45 years later, also on a Saturday, they returned to the Fish House for an anniversary dinner:

Dad and Mom

My wife Air, our daughter Marina, and I were happy to join them. (Our younger daughter was at a friend's birthday sleepover.)

45th anniversary dinner

I haven't been to the Fish House in at least 15 years, but I won't wait that long again. The food was great—with the added benefit of legacy dishes imported from Vancouver's legendary and recently-closed seaside restaurant, the Cannery. The salmon, prawns, and scallops I ate were excellent, but the rare tuna steak that Air ordered (and which she let me try) was extraordinary.

In August, Air and I will mark 15 years since our wedding in 1995. I hope we can make it to 45, however unlikely my health makes that seem right now. In the meantime, happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thanks for inviting us along.

P.S. Here were my parents later in 1965, in Berlin, on their honeymoon:

Honeymoon in Berlin 1965

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Wow! Congratulations to your parents, Derek. That's a fantastic milestone and sounds like a nice celebration.
Congratulations to your parents, Derek. I'm glad you all had such a great time.

Wishing you many, many happy celebrations in the future.
My request to rent your parents remains open. In case you could ever use the cash.
That last photo is spectacular.
Maybe it'll inspire a plot for "Mad Men" next season.
Your parents are amazing people, and look how good they look!

I remember when they honeymooned in Germany, your Aunt and I were so envious.

Sounds like you had a great anniversary celebration. You're all a pretty sweet family.

Happy anniversary Hilkka and Karl!
Congratulations Mimi and Papa! xx