20 November 2008


Berlin 1965

For as long as I can remember, my parents have had this photo hanging on their bedroom wall:

Honeymoon in Berlin 1965

I made a copy last night because my younger daughter has a project at school where she's discussing Germany, and she wanted a copy of this picture to illustrate Berlin, where it was taken. It was 1965, on my parents' honeymoon. My mom and dad were 26 at the time, and that's the city's mascot, a bear, between them. Here they are today (without the bear):

Papa and Mimi

My dad still wears collared shirts most of the time, though my mom isn't into the bonnets anymore.

They look young in that first photo. My wife and I were the same age, 26, when we got married 30 years later. We didn't feel so young then, but we were too.

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Both very nice photos of your parents, Derek.
Your parents are so adorable you could bottle 'em up and sell them! The picture with the bear is hilarious.
Derek, I remember your parents when they honeymooned in Germany, I remember them very well while dating. Your aunt and I thought your Mom was the most amazing person and we wanted to be just like her. Then your Dad came on the scene and wow he was pretty darn good looking. We thought they made the most amazing couple then and we still do. I'll bet you think so too.

Seeing both pictures of them made me realize how fast time goes and how important it is to relish the special moments.

Thanks for sharing you gave me a warm smile.