16 April 2010


Scan and chemo

Today I had yet another CT scan, to see how my various cancer tumours are doing. It probably won't be evaluated by a radiologist for a few days, so it's unlikely to disrupt my next chemotherapy treatment on Monday. But I will communicate soon with my oncologist Dr. Kennecke to find out the results.

Am I nervous? Yes and no. I've been at this so long, having scans every couple of months for over three years now, that I don't find worrying about the results to be too productive. Still, last time the news was somewhat good. I'm a little nervous about that.

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We're all hoping your results are going in the right direction. Wishing and sending you my most positive thoughts.

We have our fingers crossed!
Thinking positive thoughts for you and hoping this shows another improvement
my prediction: slight growth/shrinkage but overall very little change. I think you'll still be around for many more years to come. All the best
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