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A couple of years ago, my annoying chemo hair prompted me to shave my head for the first time. My hair isn't as annoying now, but I thought I'd try it again, this time doing it myself instead of letting hair professionals try it. Compare the results:

The monk look 2010 shaveoff 5 - front
2008 (left) vs. 2010 (right)

The back is hard to get right when you can't see it in process (I took photos in order to get a look, then corrected by feel from there), but I managed to get it pretty even by the end:

2010 shaveoff 6 - top 2010 shaveoff 4 - back

I plan to let it grow out to buzz cut length again through the spring and summer.

Thanks once more to Paul Garay, who back in 2008 gave me his salon-style electric trimmer, without which this effort would have been impossible.


Looks awesome. Mental note for me as I think I'll do the same. It probably won't be as short but I should be able it myself as well.

Well...I know who to ask next time...

I took some of these photos just so I could see how terrible the back looked, then corrected from there by feel. Next time I get it buzzed (rather than shaved down), I'll let the pros or my wife do it again—that would be too hard by myself.

look good derek - very rugged!

As an expert head shaver myself, you get into a method after a few times...very much like the Force, you 'feel' the razor -- or you will feel its blade...

ps Bald men are awesome.

Phillishave is the way to go!

I used a salon-style trimmer, which did the job pretty well.

try leaving the hair on the back of your that's a look!

looks good. Two years and the same specs: also good.

presented that way, I should have known (like the white highlights, btw). I can only blame my wife's predilection for radical change for not spotting that. For myself I am, as yet, un-spectacled.

It makes you look like a tough guy.

There's a good article when Star Trek The Next Generation came out. Some news reporter asked Gene Roddenberry why he would cast a bald captain, since obviously they would have cured baldness by the 24th century. Gene replied that in the 24th century they wouldn't have to.

lookin' darn well considering the whole ordeal

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