Links of interest (2010-05-26)

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In case you haven't been following my Twitter feed. You can also look at some of my older entries like this one.

  • The Nicli Antica Pizzeria will finally bring proper Neapolitan-style pizza to Vancouver.
  • People want sofas, not "machines for living." The same for software.
  • Turn any website into a horrifying 1999-era Geocities site with Geocitiesizer. Here's this site.
  • A moving soul tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope (video).
  • Wearing polarized sunglasses can make you think your iPhone, iPad, or laptop has a broken screen, when it doesn't.
  • Why can't all alarm clocks be like this one?
  • Twenty years after the online magazine TidBITS started, here are the stories of how some of the staffers got there. (TidBITS was apparently the first Internet publication to accept advertising, incidentally.)
  • Fifty awesome R&B, funk, and soul records that were samples to launch a gazillion hip-hop tracks.
  • Photos of the last launch of the space shuttle Atlantis. Check out this shot of Atlantis over the Canary Islands too.
  • The original Law & Order TV show has been cancelled after 20 years. Some claim that with declining crime rates, there are more murders portrayed on the three Law & Order programs each year than actually occur in Manhattan during that time.
  • "Slowly disintegrating [Facebook's] social context without choice isn't consent; it's trickery."
  • If you've never tried lutefisk (also known as lipeäkala), don't. It's a Scandinavian "delicacy" consisting of whitefish boiled in lye. Even bacteria won't eat it. It's one reason I'm convinced that many delicacies originate in desperation.
  • Bagpipes are pretty rare in rock 'n' roll songs. Here are the best rock bagpipes ever (video).
  • Everything bad about Canada in one photo.
  • It seems that some people think that dust flecks illuminated by camera flashes are the souls of the dead. Seriously.
  • The honey badger is the world's most fearless animal. There's video of one trying to eat a poisonous puff adder, getting bitten and knocked out for two hours, then waking up and finishing the snake off. Yikes.
  • Here's a way to feel inadequate: a 16-year-old Australian girl just sailed around the world by herself.
  • Inappropriate jazz hands.
  • Holy crap does Google own a lot of servers.


Around 1980, when gas pumps started using LCD litres and dollar indicators instead of the rolling numbers, AND when polarized sunglasses became affordable; I noticed that turning one's head sideways (i.e. ears pointed to ground and sky), made the numbers disappear.

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