Pillow puppy

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Air and pillow puppyWe have this pillow, you see. It's blue, and we call it a "squish," because of a previous pillow we had with the Skwish brand name. It has some sort of microfibre cover and it's filled with tiny plastic beads, and while small, it is stupidly comfortable.

Our dog Lucy has decided that, while on our bed, the squish is her pillow if she can possibly get at it. She doesn't use it like her other dog pillows, to sit on or to yank around and chew. She puts her chin on it, to rest and to sleep.

I'm not posting this for any real reason, other than that I had to publish that photo, you know.


Tod has the same pillow, except it's bright blue, and Taiko (his cat) has decided that it is his pillow in much the same way that Lucy has. His favourite thing to do is sleep on it in front of the fireplace!

This looks like the best way for a dog to sleep - not in a crate! My little toy poodle cuddles with me in bed like this too. OMG did I just say that?! I've turned into such a sappy dog lover since our dog moved in a couple of years ago... lol

Very cute. I love my pets but have never been too keen on having them in my bed though. Maybe if they had their own pillow and would leave mine alone it would be fine.

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