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And here it is, Air's Mazda3 GT with five-speed Sport Mode automatic transmission and power moonroof:

Air's new Mazda3!

It's even nicer than expected. My wife has excellent taste in cars.

Now, being a technical writer and all, I just have to go through the five-hundred page (!) Mazda3 owner's manual.


80 of the 500 pages are Darwin-Award-displacing warnings. "Warning! do not operate vehicle while gargling pudding to the tune of the theme song from The Greatest American Hero" or something equally ridiculous... but in the back of my head, every ridiculous warning/disclaimer is born from some dumbass trying it :)

5 speed or automatic with that tip-tronic gear switching thingy? I wish they had that back in 2002.

Congrats! Nice show model, too.

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