What a great day

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Marina and DerekSummer finally hit Vancouver today, and various bits of our family went different ways to enjoy it: my younger daughter to daycamp, my wife Air and our friend Steven on a road trip, and my older daughter Marina, our dog Lucy, and me to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. I haven't been there in years, decades probably.

It was a longer walk through the forest to the water than I remembered, but once there we clambered over the rocks, snacked, explored a bit, and enjoyed the wonderful view before trundling back to the car, tired and sunkissed and ready for the beautiful drive home. I don't have good days all that often right now, but this was one.

After I grilled some meat skewers for dinner, Air and the girls went to a movie. Lucy has been asleep almost the whole time, exhausted from our trek today. I've been watching some TV, and then I'll clean up the kitchen.

Then? A beer in the yard as the sun sets. I feel good.


What a wonderful day :) I loved the pictures of lighthouse park. Did you know that's one of the lighthouses that the government recently declared as "surplus". You, too, can own it. Here's my post on the quest for my own light house. https://adelemcalear.tumblr.com/post/725654216/i-want-a-lighthouse
I just need someone to build me an app to tag all the information on one Google map. Oh, yeah. That, and the money to do it!

I'm glad this was a good day for you. :)

That sounds like an awesome day! Here's hoping the sunny days continue!

I saw your pics after I uploaded mine and realised that our two picnic groups were quite possibly looking out towards each other as we each took photos - Simone and I were at Spanish Banks with friends. What a lovely day. Glad you had a good time.

I look forward to enjoying a beer with you in a few weeks time!

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