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We're at Disneyland, my first visit in almost 25 years. I puked today—my own fault for a poor ride choice (the giant Ferris wheel's swinging, swaying cabins, oddly enough).

Otherwise it was a great day, despite our waking at 5 a.m. to catch our plane. Very tired. Back at it tomorrow. With luck, no more barfing then. I think I've learned my lesson.


I went to Disneyland the summer I turned nine. When my kids were slightly younger than yours we started buying day passes for the rides at the Fall Fair in Dawson Creek. I discovered the only ride that didn't make me feel sick was the regular ferris wheel.

The last roller coaster ride I went on was the one in playland at the PNE site. It was the early evening and hardly anyone else was there. Every time it was over we stayed in the car handing the guy more tickets. We went around 5 or 6 times. The next time I'm in Vancouver I think I will go again but probably only once around. Just thinking about it makes my head spin.
Hopefully you guys are enjoying a rest on the beach today.

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